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Windshield Installation

High Quality Urethane

Located in Irving, our services at North Dallas Auto Glass in Plano has been very positive. We understand the importance of quality parts and labor.  Once a windshield is removed you have to use urethane to reinstall it. Using a good urethane is important. It gives a solid seal on the car. Cure time is also quicker. Once the windshield is replaced the technician will put tape on it. We do recommend leaving the tape on overnight and not driving for three hours after the replacement. Also, crack a window before shutting the door for one day to ensure a good seal. This will prevent a wind or water leak. I recall sending a technician to do a windshield replacement in Plano on one car and a windshield repair in Plano on another. The replacement windshield  was about to fall out because of bad urethane. 


Why Replace

Lets be blunt. A cracked windshield is ugly. It can also be dangerous to the occupants of the vehicle. An accident can occur causing serious damage to the car and the people inside. If the windshield has a chip, get it repaired as soon as possible before it cracks. You will save hundreds of dollars and prevent a claim on your insurance. When the time comes to have the vehicle inspected it might not happen until the windshield is replaced.  Call and get a quote for all your auto glass needs. 

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